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Ralf Gothóni


RECORDINGS (some 35-40 albums of about 100 recordings (1969 - 2008) made by Mr Gothoni can be found on these pages. Please, inform through the feedback form below about other pages which might offer Gothoni recordings)

Amazon, www.amazon.com
Alibris, www.alibris.com
BIS, www.bis.se
Classics online, www.classicsonline.com
CPO, www.jpc.de
Da Camera, www.bayermusicgroup.de/en/label/dacamera.htm mTraks, www.mtraks.com/artist/ralf_gothoni/
Naxos, www.naxos.com/artistinfo/bio4732.htm#disco
Ondine, www.ondine.net

English Chamber Orchestra,
Deutsche Kammerakademie
Savonlinna Music Academy, Finland
Instituto da Musica Camara, Reina Sofia, Madrid

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